Thomas Rozek

Thomas Rozek

Thomas Rozek

Chief Technology Consultant

I am Thomas Rozek – experienced developer of electronic products and software. I am open minded and I have over twenty years of experience in all aspects of electronic product development and programming in industrial and technology sectors.

New Product Development

I convert your ideas to manufacturable designs through all stages of product development cycle:

– Viability assessment – Proof of concept – Hardware Development

– Programming – Testing – Documentation

Existing products

I take over maintenance and update of your existing hardware and firmware designs.

Value for your money

With wide ranging experience and quick learning ability I can complete variety of work myself, this results in high efficiency.

With my experience I work proactively from the start to make all following stages easier. This saves money by decreasing the time spent communicating and reworking designs.

When multiple experts are hired they spend a lot of time communicating to come to an agreement. I understand the roles of other team members so I can cooperate with them effectively.

For example, it is often the case that during debugging, hardware developers blame the software and software developers blame the hardware. Because I understand both hardware and software, when I debug, I look at it as a system and resolve issues faster.